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Technoparc Montréal
Technoparc Montréal’s mission is to
offer real estate environments and
solutions that facilitate technological
innovation, collaboration and
success. As they enter their 30th
year, their impressive growth shows
no signs of slowing down anytime
soon; Technoparc continues to fulfill
its mission of driving the economic
development of Montreal and
the city’s
scientific and technological development by
encouraging high value life sciences, aerospace,
ICT, cleantech businesses and research sciences
to establish offices in Montreal. In addition to its
Business Centre solutions for SME, Technoparc
Montréal promotes two specialized sites: the
Saint-Laurent Campus, which is home to 90
companies that employ 6300 workers, and the
Éco-campus Hubert Reeves.
Established in 1987 as a non-profit orga-
nization, the Centre d’Initiative Technologique
de Montréal, or CITech, set to create the most
ambitious economic development project in
Montreal: Technoparc Saint-Laurent, a $2.3
million centre destined to become one of the
world’s leading research centres.
The organization relies on the skills of their
innovative team to implement world-class proj-
ects all over Montreal. Building on their success,
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