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Technoparc Montréal
Technoparc Montreal quickly became a trail-
blazing facility that made huge investments into
major infrastructure projects, putting the city on
the map when it came to technological pursuits.
In 2014, Technoparc Montreal’s real estate activi-
ties broke records.
Technoparc is located in the second largest
employment zone in Quebec and provides a great
resource of specifically trained employees for
the area. Technoparc is also home to some well-
known names; Bombardier alone occupies three
large buildings on site. The location of where the
companies are located is methodical and well
planned, which attracts companies of a similar
nature to be grouped together. “Technoparc is
very specific and branded,” says Carl Baillargeon,
Director, Communications and Marketing.
“Being a scientific park, a minimum of 15% of
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