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The Canadian Business Journal
a company’s employees have to be dedicated
to research to be a good fit amidst all of the
other high value, innovative companies that are
now doing business in the heart of Montreal’s
“The beauty of Technoparc is that we have
several industries that are present on the site
and of these industries, aerospace is a large
component which accounts for 53% of all jobs.
Information Technology (IT) makes up about
28%, health sciences are about 14% and diverse
services occupy the rest,” says Baillargeon.
There is major expansion taking place at
Technoparc with a $400 million investment into
new installations for three large companies that
will create about thousand more jobs on the
site. ABB, a world leader in power and automa-
tion technologies chose to establish its Canadian
headquarters at the Technoparc. The wide-scale
project will take up 300,000 square feet on
Technoparc Montreal’s Saint-Laurent Campus
and is set for completion in May 2017.
Another significant development is the con-
struction of the North American headquarters for
South Korea’s Green Cross Biotherapeutics. The
project, whose infrastructures include a research
centre and a blood plasma fractionation facility,
is one of Quebec’s largest life science investment
deals in 15 years. “The arrival of ABB and Green
Cross Biotherapeutics Inc. enhances the status
of Montreal and Quebec as a leader in the health
sector and once again attests to Technoparc
Montréal’s capacity to attract international busi-
nesses,” says Baillargeon.
Recently this past September, Technoparc
Montreal welcomed the new data center for the
company 4Degrés. Representing an investment
of more than $40 million, the data centre is a
43,000 sq ft building with an available load of 16
megawatts. It will serve to meet the ever-grow-
ing data processing and management needs of
today’s businesses.
“In our E-logistic zone, on the western side
of Technoparc, there are some larger facili-
ties that can accommodate shipping,” says
Baillargeon. “We are looking now at target-
ing more companies in e-commerce to get
them into the E- logistics industry.” One of
the key players in this shift is the fast growing
Montreal-based company Ssense, which stocks
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