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hundreds of luxury brands. The company is
moving in all of their staff and installations to
Technoparc’s logistic area.
Technoparc reflects a community dynamic.
“We are focused on creating a quality of life; we
are very specific in the positioning that we have
as being a suburban scientific park, as we are not
downtown,” says Baillargeon . “We offer services
that would typically be in the core of downtown
like a daycare, drycleaner, banking, restaurants
and bistros that are open to the public. We even
bring in food trucks; all typical services people
would do during their lunch hour.”
Bike paths weave throughout the Technoparc
and connect to other parts in the West Island of
Montreal. “We have a green approach to things
and are encouraging the use of electric transpor-
tation and are looking at the concept of having
charging stations on site,” says Baillargeon.
CDPQ Infra, a subsidiary of Caisse de dépôt et
placement du Québec is adding a station into
the Technoparc electric train project before it
reaches the airport.
For those commuting to the Technoparc,
the drive can sometimes be a long one. The
project will offer an integrated, efficient and
reliable service for commuters and encourages
the use of electric public transportation. “The
recent announcement of the proposed Réseau
Électrique Métropolitain) by the CDPQ Infra,
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