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company visits and we communicate with each
other daily and have both informal and formal
discussions where we try to gain as much pos-
sible industry insight as we can.”
“Structurally, with Canadian General, we’ve
made a small change to the nature of lever-
age that we use in the portfolio, we’ve gained
access to bank financing at favourable rates
which is an unusual deal for a fund,’ says
Morgan. “We’re looking to continue on with
organic growth and taking advantage of any
opportunities that present themselves to us.”
“We’ve got CRM II coming in which is an
important development as it’s a new reporting
requirement,” says Robinson. “We will continue
to add clients into 2017 and beyond with our
existing suite of services and we’re not look-
ing to bring any new product in but add to the
existing structure.”
Morgan Meighen & Associates is seeing
quite a lot of liquidity among business people
who either retire or exit but have been very
successful in their own businesses and are
looking to assign a portfolio manager that can
manage their funds. “Our corner of the mar-
ketplace is fairly quiet, we have to find the
investment manager as opposed to hearing
about them,” says Robinson. “We’re a good
solution for the business person looking for
this option.”
Canadian General shareholders have enjoyed
returns greater than the market. “It’s a track
record we’re very proud of and work very hard
to try to maintain,” says Morgan. “The fact that
they’ve been doing this for a very long time, adds
to a collective amount of experience on the
team. There is a lot of institutional knowledge
in our company. The fact that we are investing
our own money alongside our shareholders and
investors, I think that makes a big difference.” As
financial empires fluctuate, Morgan Meighen &
Associates maintain their timeless and tradition-
ally steadfast approach that continues to benefit
their clients. “Our long history and tradition help
support our success going back to our incep-
tion ,” says Morgan. “My family has majority share
holding in the company so anyone who is invest-
ing with us, is investing alongside us and we aim
to keep on going into the future for generations
to come.”
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