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Morgan Meighen & Associates
The market has seen significant
change since The Right Honourable
Arthur Meighen co-founded Third
Canadian General Investment Trust
Limited in 1928. Shortly after in
1930, Canadian General Investments
Limited was created. Yet, nearly a
century later, one of the things that
has propelled Morgan Meighen &
Associates towards amassing $1.6
billion in assets under management
for private clients, institutional clients
and closed-end fund investors is their
passion and commitment for offering
their clients and investors personal
service and customized investment
is driven
by integrity, objectivity and independence that
separate them in the financial world. “Canadian
General Investments isn’t an operating company
but rather, a fund managed by Morgan Meighen
that has truly participated in the growth of
Canada during the industrialization from a rural
to a 21st century economy,” says Jonathan A.
Morgan, Executive Vice-President. “Along the
way things changed. Originally, there wasn’t
much of a stock market here in Toronto and
there wasn’t even a stock market index when
we started. When the fund was launched it was
very much a way for British investors to invest
into this new emerging market of Canada. That
relationship has persisted and since the 1990’s
it has been renewed and now about half of the
free float is held by European and British inves-
As for shareholders in Canadian General,
Morgan Meighen & Associates stay on point,
talking to brokers, their investment advisors
here in Canada and the UK and commission
research reports to be written on them. “In the
end, it’s really up to the investors to find us
and to recognize the value that can be found
in a vehicle like Canadian General on the stock
market,” says Morgan. Many of their investors,
particularly in Canada, are self-directed inves-
tors in Canadian General because they don’t
pay fees and commissions that other funds have
traditionally been paying to brokers which are
now starting to become more apparent to the
general investing public.
“As a mid-sized investment manager, man-
aging $1.6 billion, we are well positioned in
terms of the fact that we’re big enough to have
access to deal flow, management teams and
research but we’re also small enough to be
able to provide individually managed portfolios
with a very high level of service,” says Clive W.
Robinson, Senior Vice-President and Head of
Private Wealth Management. “I think it’s that
mid-point that is a sweet spot for our clients.”
Morgan Meighen & Associates provides
superior risk adjusted return with good income
over the long term that people can invest in for
years. “Performance is key and our investment
management style is conservative because
we aim for absolute returns and we combine
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