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The Canadian Business Journal
that with a very high level of personal service
which our clients deserve,” says Robinson. “We
continue to add clients at a good pace with
individually managed portfolios and we have
also introduced some pooled funds a few years
ago that have proved to be very attractive.”
Entry level investors who are looking to
benefit from Morgan Meighen & Associates
investment management are often are the
younger generation of existing clients. The
Group provides high net worth private client
business as well as portfolio management for
their funds, which is where most of the growth
occurs. They also work with a select few insti-
tutions where they offer bespoke investment
management for their clients.
“The biggest trend we see both here in
Canada and internationally is the emphasis on
much greater transparency towards fees and
lower fees for investors,” says Morgan. “That
happened already a few years ago in the U.K.
and that’s coming into effect in Canada and
similarly in the U.S.; it’s probably a benefit for
Canadian and international investors.”
Because they’re singularly focussed on their
clients’ best interests, when Morgan Meighen &
Associates invest on their behalf, it’s because
they are confident it’s an appropriate opportu-
nity for their portfolio. “We come out looking
quite good because we offer reasonable fees,”
says Morgan. “We are also seeing a greater
move towards passive investing as increasingly
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