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Morgan Meighen & Associates
the large national houses don’t focus anymore
on portfolio management but more so on asset
location and putting it into a passive vehicle.
In some ways however, it’s gone too far, we’re
seeing people creating ETF (exchange traded
fund) like structures for illiquid assets. In the
post Brexit aftermath a number of these had
to refuse redemptions because the underlying
asset was far too illiquid and couldn’t properly
be priced.” A closed end structure like Canadian
General really offers some advantages. As more
people in the market move to passive invest-
ments that actually opens up opportunities for
an active management like Canadian General
provides their investors with enhanced returns.
These large passive vehicles simply can’t invest
in some of the wonderful leading companies
that Morgan Meighen & Associates is able to
invest in.
Morgan Meighen & Associates singular aim
is to grow and preserve their clients’ capital. “In
the marketplace, the larger investment insti-
tutions are continuing to commoditize their
product base and not all clients want that,” says
Robinson. “Therefore, that is a benefit to us as
separately managed portfolios are attractive.
Vanessa L. Morgan, President
& Chief Executive Officer
Michael A. Smedley, Executive Vice-President
& Chief Investment Officer
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