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The Canadian Business Journal
The trend of the banks to scale their businesses
and commoditize helps firms like us.”
Whether it’s an individual, corporation,
trust, estate or foundation, each of their clients
benefits from a one-on-one relationship with
a dedicated portfolio manager; the individual
in whom they confide is the same person who
manages their money. “We acquire clients gen-
erally through networking and referrals,” says
Robinson. “Our marketing is tightly focused
since we’re a boutique firm, so we’re looking
selectively to add clients throughout the year.”
“Given the demographics we’re seeing with
the aging population and the record low inter-
est rates, what had been a strong interest in
income has become insatiable. There is a big
worry about that because people just can’t get
the income they’re after,” says Morgan. “With
Canadian General, it’s nice that we’ve got a fairly
attractive yield that’s about 4-4.5 % market yield
right now and we’re able to pay that out of two
different streams: the income within the port-
folio and also out of net realized capital gains.
That means we can provide an attractive yield
without having to reach into riskier areas to get
high yielding products. I think overall, across the
Jonathan A. Morgan,
Executive Vice-President
Clive W. Robinson Senior Vice-President
& Head of Private Wealth Management
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