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Morgan Meighen & Associates
demographics it is a worry. The only thing we’ve
seen similar to this macroeconomic situation is
what happened in Japan in the 1980s to early
2000s. What they refer to as a lost decade and
that actually had a major change on consum-
ers behaviour and how they spent their money.
It will be interesting to see if that happens in
“We actually have come through this situ-
ation really better than almost anywhere else
but it is a worry. Having rates this low for this
long is strange and it looks like they’re going
to stay this way for a long time,” says Morgan.
“That means that Canadians are going to have
to reassess their retirement plans, how much
they’ve saved, when they’re going to start saving
and how long they’re going to work. It’s going
to cause some severe social disruptions in the
not distant future.”
Morgan Meighen & Associates spend a lot
of time looking at companies, meeting man-
agement and internally discussing asset classes
and allocation in order to deliver performance
that is in alignment with the client’s individual
risk parameters. “We provide clients with a
dedicated portfolio manager and a dedicated
administrator,” says Robinson. “The client expe-
rience I think, is a good one and that’s reflected
in a low turnover of our clients.”
“It’s the collection of communication and
always looking to bringing more information,”
says Morgan. “We have eight portfolio manag-
ers who are all attending any sort of industry
conference we can get. We travel abroad to do
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