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The Canadian Business Journal
It’s an open environment where you can see bears
catching salmon in the rivers while teaching their
cubs how to catch fish. There is also the fifth-
largest glacier in North America, to which tourists
can get amazingly close thanks to a mining road
that travels very near to it. Quite simply there are
not many places like Stewart anywhere else in
the world. It’s an open environment where you
can see bears catching salmon in the rivers while
teaching the cubs how to catch the fish.
“We have a nice arena as well as beautiful
nature trails. For a small community of 500 people
we do incredibly well. We are currently build-
ing a dirt bike park and we do have a golf course.
Stewart is a great area for fishing, hunting, snow-
mobiling, skiing, hockey, figure skating and going
on hikes,” says Durant.
A Bright Future
As both the mayor and a resident of Stewart,
Durant is passionate about seeing the com-
munity grow and flourish. More than 50% of
the population is now over the age of 50, but
there is not a proper home for seniors, which
is a concern for Durant, who believes one of
the core solutions is to have an injection of
young people moving into the town. “I think
it’s possible for us to grow up to 3,000 people,
which would still be a very comfortable size.
We would still be a small community but with
more services. We have the amenities; we just
need to attract more businesses. There is great
potential and opportunities for investors and
people looking to live in a beautiful remote
Stewart is in a geographically idyllic setting
and is an incredibly beautiful place to live.
“I’m here because I choose to be here. I’ve
loved this community since the first time I saw
it in the late 1970s. It has a lot of great potential
and there are some bigger projects going on right
now,” says Drury. “From my perspective it’s really
clear that Stewart is open for business – that’s the
message. There is a real sense of optimism right
now about Stewart,” extols Drury. “It can only
grow and get stronger.”
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