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District of Stewart
Exquisitely nestled amongst the
colossal, resplendent mountains of
northwestern British Columbia the
District of Stewart is a remarkably
breathtaking community located
along the international border with
the United States, across from
Alaska’s Misty Fiords National Park
and at the end of the Portland Canal.
Incorporated in 1930, the municipality
was named after Robert M. Stewart,
the first postmaster.
spoke with District of Stewart Mayor Galina
Durant and Chief Administrative Officer Gregg
Drury about their unique community, whose
economy has largely been defined through-
out its storied history by gold mining. The Red
Mountain gold mining production will soon be
going into production about 15km northwest of
Stewart. It’s a smaller scale venture but none-
theless is a mine that will provide employment
to a number of local residents.
A common theme echoed by both Durant
and Drury during our discussion is that Stewart
is open for business thanks to an always-diver-
sifying economy. Major steps forward have been
taken in the areas of forestry and transportation
while the ability to attract curious nature-lovers
from around the world has elevated tourism to
new heights. Stewart is about 185km north of
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