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District of Stewart
feet of snow in one storm and up to 30 feet in
a winter. Suffice to say it can be very expensive
with crews working around the clock to keep the
roads open and so it’s up to Drury and the Chief
Financial Officer to budget as best they can.
A constant challenge for people living in such
a remote area is the ability to obtain and main-
tain high-paying jobs and because of that the
population has fluctuated dramatically over the
decades depending on the projects undertaken.
Upon leaving Stewart you can drive for three hours
without stopping until reaching the next commu-
nity. Terrace serves as the main supply centre for
Stewart, but even it is a four-hour drive by car. It’s
about a five- to six-hour drive north to region the
Yukon border. Despite such
geographic obstacles,
both Durant and Drury believe that Stewart has
tremendous potential for the future with an ability
to grow and prosper.
The District of Stewart offers very afford-
able, safe living with favourable land prices, low
taxes, safe roads and direct access to water as a
transportation mode via the port. “I would love to
invite young entrepreneurs and their families to
our community. Life is expensive in the bigger cit-
ies. Here the cost of living is much better and it’s
very safe,” says Durant.
Stewart is accessible by highway from the
Chief Administrative Officer Gregg Drury
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