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District of Stewart
water from the port in Stewart to a number of
international destinations.
This past summer the people of Stewart got
to see first-hand an eye-opening experience
when huge wind-generation equipment for the
Peace Region came into Canada via the port in
Stewart, which is a vital transportation hub in the
Canadian north.
“The blades for the windmills are 210-feet
long. They had special articulating trucks and
they hauled them from Stewart up to the Peace
Region. The Port of Stewart is very important
both from a regional and national perspective,”
notes Drury.
Stewart business community engages with
the District of Stewart through The Business
Retention and Expansion (BR+E) to identify
methods of enhancing the success of local busi-
nesses. The goal of the municipality is to assist
businesses in their efforts to grow. The commu-
nity recently assembled a task force designed to
come up with an initiative for developing a major
event during the summer focused on youth and
economic development for the community. The
whole concept around creating a two- to three-
week event and get people to visit and witness
the natural beauty within the community is
something Durant and Drury want to pursue.
“It would be great to have people be able to
tour on a big logging ship or see some of the big
mines in the area. This is the type of thing that
will also enhance economic development. I’m
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