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working with some dedicated people in the com-
munity to try and create something positive for
youth,” explains Drury.
Tourism plays a significant role in the local
economy during the summer months in particu-
lar with about 40,000 people from around the
world visiting each year. “There are fantastic hotel
accommodations and bed & breakfasts for the
size of the community,” notes Durant.
The District of Stewart has been in the
international spotlight having served as the
backdrop for several large mainstream movies,
which brought the likes of Al Pacino and Robin
Williams to town for the 2002 thriller
Eight Below was another film that shot scenes
in the community.
“Robin Williams was a big star here. There are
pictures of him all over town. He was very well
liked by the people of the community,” says Drury.
In the second week of August the commu-
nity holds its annual Stewart Bear Arts Festival. It
was developed more than a decade ago by local
enthusiasts to promote bear awareness and invite
local artists and photographers to the event. A
beer garden for socializing and excellent atten-
dance makes it one of the main events people
look forward to each year.
A visit to Stewart yields an awareness of truly
being a part of remote nature in its purest form.
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