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Cambridge Global Payments
Sound relationship with regulators and
banks is critical and Cambridge has established
excellent bonds with both. It’s obvious the team
is motivated to succeed, which is a direct off-
shoot of the original vision when the company
began 25 years ago.
“The entrepreneurial spirit of this company
is exceptional. We are very customer-focused
and that was bred into this company by the cul-
ture created by the owners,” states McDonald.
Online Platforms
Online trading platforms, file integration, web
services and multi-enterprise solutions really
began to emerge several years ago as the
preferred option for many companies and it’s
a trend that continues to this day. The demand
from companies to leverage their back-office
investments by ensuring that the cross-border
payment process is automated through either
an online platform such as a file upload, or
even an API, has become really paramount in
their priorities.
“We’re seeing a tremendous demand in the
market from mid- to large-scale companies to
fully automate. We provide that integration capa-
bility so that they can leverage the investment
they made in their back-office in the cross-bor-
der payment category,” says McDonald.
Integration has reached the next level in terms
of automating cross-border transactions accord-
ing to Sawrup. In today’s market, companies can do
the integration with the banks for domestics for the
automated clearing house (ACH) or electronic funds
transfer (EFT) runs but the financial institutions are
unable to provide that all-important cross-border
automation. They’ve invested a lot of money in their
back-end systems, but it is Cambridge with all its
professional industry expertise that provides all the
necessary levels of integration to make the transac-
tion seamless for the client.
A fundamental distinguishing feature that
makes Cambridge noticeably different in the
marketplace, especially compared to large
financial institutions, is that the company is able
Anil Sawrup. CCO
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