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MARCH 2017
The Canadian Business Journal
to provide its corporate customers with a single-
point of technology integration that provides
them with access to more than 160 currencies
and all of the payment channels through one
secure, efficient gateway. As an example, there
is no need to connect to a different piece of
technology to send an in-country payment in the
U.K, Canada or the United States. There is one
point of integration where Cambridge can accept
payment types of all varieties in all currencies
everywhere in the world.
“We do much of the heavy lifting ourselves
to provide the necessary level of service and
automation,” notes Frey.
Agile Onboarding
Financial services is undergoing rapid and
drastic transformation, increasingly driven by
the demands of tech-savvy clients as well as
innovation from emerging startups. Clients are
embracing streamlined, efficient simplicity in
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With more external issues affecting the financial
services sector than ever before, you need support
from someone who not only knows what’s around the
corner–but who can guide you through the uncertainty.
Taking a thorough look at the issues that affect your
business, we provide highly distinctive solutions unique
to your needs. Our experienced teams provide a range
of services to help you deal with the uncertainty of
today’s financial world, including:
• Regulatory and compliance advisory
• IT and cyber security consulting
• Audit and assurance
• Internal audit
• Tax advisory
• Transactions and restructuring
Give one of our financial services advisors a call.
Audit • Tax • Advisory
In complex
times, you need
a certain type
of expertise.
“The entrepreneurial spirit of
this company is exceptional.
We are very customer-focused
and that was bred into this
company by the culture
created by the owners.”
– Gary McDonald, CEO,
Cambridge Global Payments
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