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MARCH 2017
The Canadian Business Journal
Emerging Regions
Cambridge recently acquired the skills of a
team of people that focus on emerging and
frontier markets. They are very difficult to reach
markets in an efficient and speedy way.
“We pulled this team together as a business
unit out of New York. They provide the market
the capability to move their clients’ monies into
these difficult to reach markets. They’ve spent
35 years doing it as a team and we’re fortunate
to have that within our own capability,” says
Cambridge possesses a unique capability,
especially in today’s marketplace, where many
financial institutions and tier-one banks around
the world are pulling back from some of the
more exotic geographies that can be very
difficult to send local payments in. Frey says
it’s a challenge that is embraced by the team
at Cambridge. “We hand have made significant
investments to build out our correspondent
relationships with banks and other liquidity
providers so that we can simplify the process
of making payment even in currency controlled
markets like Brazil and China that are typically
problematic for many service providers.”
McDonald, Frey and Sawrup believe some
of these burgeoning markets will result in a
high-growth area of their business where they
service both corporate customers and tier-
one financial institutions around the world
that can access them for their expertise in
making payments. It’s a key part of the overall
expansion initiative and strategic focus in terms
of broadening Cambridge’s global reach.
“We’re setting our organization up nicely to
be able to look out of the traditional payment
rails and look at other ways of sending
payments more cost effectively and faster.
We’re seeing that demand rise from the B2B
market,” says Sawrup.
Meanwhile, Cambridge continues to
accumulate numerous accolades within the
industry, including the Deutsche Bank straight-
thru processing award. It is consistently named
one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies
and has been given countless awards for its
innovative technology platforms.
“We get a tremendous amount of pleasure
in progressively moving this whole vision that
we have with our clients,” says McDonald.
“We continue to grow rapidly. As a Canadian-
based company we’re now very geographically
spread. Our U.S. business is a major part of our
overall revenues.”
The Future
Based on history, it would be safe to assume
the pace of technological innovation and
implementation amongst both corporate play-
ers and financial institutions will continue at an
even more aggressive rate and scale. The team
at Cambridge is looking to take its impressive
global reach of 160-plus currencies and make
them all available through technology.
The international market is expanding dras-
tically beyond major and minor currencies such
1...,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 14,15,16
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