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Cambridge Global Payments
The primary expectation of any
company engaging in payment
transactions are that the sending
and receiving of funds will be done
quickly, efficiently and securely.
Canadian-based Cambridge
Global Payments began as a two-
man operation in Toronto in 1992
and has since blossomed into an
international workforce of about
430, making it a preeminent
industry leader as one of the most
trusted bank-independent providers
of global payment and risk
management services worldwide.
recently spoke with three senior executives at
Cambridge Global Payments about the com-
pany’s continuing success in the marketplace,
which now has the ability to transfer funds in
more than 160 currencies for more than 12,000
clients around the world while moving in excess
of $30 billion per year in what amounts to about
one million annual transactions of cross-border
payments. Cambridge is exceptionally well rep-
resented with several offices in North America
and a European presence, with a head office in
London, England. There is also blanket coverage
of the Asia-Pacific region with headquarters in
Sydney, Australia.
Previously the Managing Director, Corporate
Development and Partnerships, Gary McDonald
took the reins as Chief Executive Officer about
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