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Cambridge Global Payments
two years ago when co-founders Bernard
Heitner and Jacques Feldman moved into co-
chair positions. But McDonald’s job description
has essentially remained the same, which from
a macro perspective is overseeing the entire
company’s operations.
Cambridge Global Payments has made a
massive transition as a company. It all started
about six years ago and has been making sig-
nificant traction over the past several years, the
result of which has been to move the business
from what would be termed a regional transac-
tional brokerage to an international payments’
specialist. The company offers Cambridge Link,
a trading and payments platform that guides
users through the complexities of international
payments and foreign exchange (FX) trading.
“We’re really concentrating on two key areas
and that is international cross-border pay-
ments and what we would call hedging or risk
management. We’re doing that with two really
strong focuses. One is on the skill level and the
consultative approach to selling and secondly,
the technology,” begins McDonald.
Industry Leaders
A notable distinction that separates Cambridge
from its competitors is that it’s one of the few
companies to have automated its entire end-
to-end cross-border payment process for its
clients, including integration with the banks.
Needless to say there are tremendous benefits
in having a fully automated setup, including the
assurance that each and every client will receive
an efficient, straight-through process.
“The vision we have is to be the leader in
the world in being able to offer up a fully auto-
mated, cross-border payment process. All the
client really wants is for their payment to get to
the location accurately and on time,” emphasizes
Mark Frey is Cambridge’s Chief Operating
Officer with about 20 years of business experi-
ence, including seven with the organization.
Frey is responsible for overseeing many of the
treasury inter-bank dealing operations as well as
the sales and dealing operations in Canada. “At
its simplest level we do two key things for our
customers and it’s broken across seven distinct
product lineups as part of our franchise,” he
says. “The first key thing we do is provide foreign
exchange services, payments and risk manage-
ment solutions to manage currency volatility for
mid- to large-sized corporate entities all over
the world. The second key part of what we do
is to provide payments technologies to incor-
porate a fully streamlined workflow solution for
organizations that are processing cash flows and
payments across borders around the world.”
“All the client really wants is
for their payment to get to
the location accurately and
on time.”
– Gary McDonald, CEO,
Cambridge Global Payments
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