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Cambridge Global Payments
Anil Sawrup, a two-decade industry veteran
who has also been with Cambridge for about
seven years, overseeing sales and dealings in
the United States and global enterprise sales.
“The first one is Global Payroll and Relocation.
These payroll companies are really aggregators
and what they’re doing is providing an interna-
tional payroll outsourcing solution. A company
may have a Fortune 500 as a client. They may
have the tax expertise but what they need is
that level of technology and capability to deliver
that payment effectively into that market. We’re
seeing a huge demand for that as these orga-
nizations become the aggregators and experts
and they’re looking for a partner like us to tie in
the technology.”
Innovative Technology
A process that includes a thoroughly tested,
robust system ensures optimal security.
McDonald says there are continuous advance-
ments on product offerings and features in
terms of what can be accomplished with
Gary McDonald, CEO
Mark Frey, COO
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