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MARCH 2017
The Canadian Business Journal
over the past decade, the FlagShip solutions
also support direct system integration with
customers’ e-stores. This is done by integra-
tion with e-commerce platforms of Shopify and
WooCommerce, and the clients can be assured
that once one of their customers purchases
a product, the FlagShip shipping process is
launched automatically and seamlessly through
the e-store backend.
“The technology is at the heart of FlagShip,
and it is what drives our progress. We continu-
ously develop and upgrade our systems. Looking
back at our original technology solution, and
seeing what we have developed and accom-
plished since, in my opinion our shipping system
is state-of-art, and looking at the ideas coming
out of our IT department, our future has never
been brighter,” says Kruger.
With their finger on the pulse of the freight
industry and paving the digital superhighways
within the courier industry, FlagShip made the
PROFIT 500 list of Canada’s Fastest Growing
Companies for the past four years. And while the
company takes tremendous pride in this, Kruger
keeps a sober view of growth. “It’s not about
how fast you grow. It’s also about how well you
grow. We have to grow in a way that all of our
stakeholders win. We have to grow so our cou-
rier partners win, so our customers win, and that
FlagShip and our employees win. That’s what I
call the ultimate achievement. To me, to have
a successful company is to have satisfied and
passionate employees. They are a big part of the
success, and it’s important they feel it as well.
Yes, we are known for our customer service and
our innovation, but it all starts with the team. We
have a great future ahead of us, we have a lot of
projects in the pipeline, and as long as we keep
the win-win-win mindset, I am confident we will
achieve it all,” concluded Kruger.
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