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FlagShip Courier Solutions
and president of
FlagShip, has been in the courier industry since
his mid 20s and he launched his first business
in 1985. But Kruger sold this business in 2000,
because he had a greater vision in mind—a
courier service that would make a difference for
small businesses across Canada. Launched in
2005, FlagShip is a different kind of enterprise.
It is a technology-based service that aims at
impeccable customer service and a global reach.
Kruger’s vision was not to create just another
freight company but a technology-based courier
solutions company built on strong relationships,
integrity and exceptional service that its
employees can take pride in.
The Canadian Business Journal
spoke with
Kruger about the freight and courier industry
and about what FlagShip does differently, and
how it remained on the PROFIT 500 list for the
past four years.
Howard Kruger, FlagShip President
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