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MARCH 2017
The Canadian Business Journal
“We believe everyone deserves exceptional
service; whether personal customer service,
technology service or the best of delivery ser-
vice,” says Kruger. “Over the past 12 years, we
have grown, innovated and modified our sys-
tems, and today we are a serious player in the
industry with state-of-the-art technology and
immaculate service.
“At the core, we are an authorized reseller
of courier services – namely Purolator, UPS and
FedEx – but our vision is far greater than that.
When I started FlagShip, I knew there was an
important business segment that we could pen-
etrate. We see ourselves as an extension of the
couriers we have relationships with, providing
shipping solutions for small-to-medium sized
enterprises and our goal is to create a win-win-
win situation for our couriers, customers and
FlagShip. There is so much value-add to both the
couriers and customers when utilizing FlagShip.”
The genius is in the simplicity of the vision.
By aggregating the customer orders, FlagShip
brings these national couriers bulk business
from the SMEs, and SMEs can take advantage
of being treated as a larger company in terms
of FlagShip’s industry knowledge, digital tech-
nology integration, customer service and lower
shipping costs. “We bring these smaller accounts
to the couriers, and the couriers only need to
deal with us and not our customers. We manage
thousands of these customers billing processes
as well as all their customer service issues and
requests while the couriers have only one point
of contact—FlagShip. This is a value–add as well
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