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MARCH 2017
The Canadian Business Journal
the utmost pride in customer care. We are also
very clear on understanding the value of what
we bring to the client and how we need to treat
the client. This is our core value and part of the
FlagShip identity. It’s all about saving the cli-
ent time, energy and money and getting the job
done. We tell our clients: ‘Lean on us, we are
here for you.’”
Kruger prizes relationships above all. So
much so that his sons Josh and David chose
to join the business seven years ago. They are
core members of the FlagShip team along with
long time employee Denise Girouard, working
together with all their employees to give their
clients an excellent customer experience.
And if strong relationships are the heart of
FlagShip, the FlagShip technology is its bones.
Technology is what bridges together the pres-
ent and the future, and it’s one of the company’s
core strengths. The FlagShip online shipping
system provides customers with shipping options
from all affiliated couriers, including best price
and delivery timeframes. Once the customer
chooses the best option, the system instantly
relays the information directly to the courier,
the courier provides the customer with ship-
ping requirements, compliant shipping labels and
documentation, pick-up times with automated
pickups, and the customer can track their ship-
ments in real time.
FlagShip continuously expands and stream-
lines its digital systems integration, and creates
seamless technology solution for customers,
couriers and the company itself. For example, as
e-commerce has been growing exponentially
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