Bruce Telecom

Connecting Your World

From home phone, to digital television, to high speed Internet and cellular products, Bruce Telecom offers it all. Wholly owned by the Municipality of Kincardine, Bruce Telecom is a local telecommunications service provider within Western Ontario.

Through its history, Bruce Telecom has strived to be the first choice provider of integrated telecommunications services. Since Day 1, Bruce Telecom’s concept has been to provide to the province’s underserved rural population. That objective continues to this day, and is a major reason why the company recently celebrated 100 years in business.

Infrastructure Investment

Beginning as a telephone company, over the years Bruce Telecom added packaged services like digital television and high speed Internet. The company’s mandate has not changed: to deliver the same high quality telecommunications services available in urban markets to its rural consumers and local taxpayers.

In recent years, Bruce Telecom has made major reinvestments in its infrastructure to not only keep pace with the competition, but to continuously provide the best in service to its growing customer base. At Bruce Telecom, the company strives to be a ‘big picture’ thinker, always aiming to exceed customers’ needs and expectations. Modernized infrastructure supports Bruce Telecom’s objective of improved service delivery.

“New innovations and trends emerge from major markets, and we strive to deliver those same great products and services to our area as quickly as possible,” Bart Cameron, President and CEO of Bruce Telecom, told The Canadian Business Journal. “We strive to ensure that our service is on the leading edge of technology, products, and content. The difference maker for us is, as a local company that is providing local service, we offer a personal touch. We have knowledge of the customer’s past experience, and as their friends and neighbours will work that much harder to meet their needs.”

Wayne Eichenberger, Vice-President of Operations, added, “From a technology standpoint, Bruce Telecom is a little more nimble than our larger comparable service providers, and we’re more able to adapt to new technology.”

As a smaller telecommunications company, Bruce Telecom is able to quickly change with the market place. One recent example was its ability to meet increasing demand for in-home broadband services. However, because its aging copper infrastructure limited its on the ability to provide this service, Bruce Telecom quickly developed its ‘Fiber to the Neighbourhood’ (FTTN) strategy in order to meet this growing demand. FTTN is a modern network of fiber optics that replaces dated copper infrastructure.

“We put fiber closer to customers’ homes using VDSL2 technology to give them the bandwidth and to provide IPTV services at the same time,” Eichenberger summarized. “We felt this was an evolutionary step to deliver all the services customers’ need, while still keeping an eye on the future in making infrastructure investment future-proof so we could begin the full Fiber to the Home (FTTH) solution in the not too distant future.”

Community Service

As a local service provider, Bruce Telecom recognizes the importance of strong customer service and the need to offer prompt, valuable solutions. Aside from the many products and services offered by Bruce Telecom, a portion of its customer satisfaction is also measured in its ability to respond to customers’ technical concerns.

Investing in not only its own infrastructure but also the local community, Bruce Telecom supports community events and a variety of local initiatives in reinforcing itself as a visible and active community partner. A community owned company, Bruce Telecom believes its customers recognize the value of the company to the community and as a result have continued to support it as the telecommunications service provider of choice.

Bruce Telecom attributes a key part of its success to the strength and dedication of its employees that strive to go above and beyond to ensure customer needs are met. “People recognize the quality of service that we are able to offer. We have a solid complement of products, like Internet and television, to include with telephone to form a bundle that everyone wants to take advantage of,” Cameron concluded. “As our company is successful, that returns profits to the municipality and strengthens our community as a whole.”