Building Your Authority Discusses How PR Is the New Digital Asset

Building Your Authority Discusses How PR Is the New Digital Asset

NEW YORK, April 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Building Your Authority is one of the fastest, innovative and unique PR services in the industry.

In a crowded and saturated marketplace they are consistently separating themselves from the pack through their hard work, dedication and commitment to their clients.

That commitment means helping their clients get featured, interviewed, and promoted to the masses by leveraging their unique partnership with Yahoo Finance, and other big outlets such as Entrepreneur and Forbes.

In a time where so many people are struggling to just hold on, never mind grow, Building Your Authority’s clients are flourishing. Booking more podcasts, speaking engagements and income generating activities than ever before.

Why does B.Y.A.’s approach work so well?

“The key is we not only provide the digital asset, we teach our clients how to use them.”

And what is PR anyway?

“PR is a press release, or an endorsement of a big company, of which you can leverage their reputation and validation to further your success. Everyone trusts companies like Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Entrepreneur because of their reputation and brand equity. So if you get endorsed by them it signifies that you should be trusted in the marketplace as well. Particularly if the content is valuable, authoritative and positions you in the correct way.”

Matt Tommy and his PR specialists at Building Your Authority view PR as both an asset and an investment. Intrigued by this notion I asked Matt Tommy how PR can be seen as an investment let alone an asset?

“Most people think of investing in terms of stocks, real-estate, and more recently cryptocurrency,” Matt responded.

“However, if you look at the biggest entrepreneurs in the game they invest most of their energy and a lot of their capital into building their personal brand, and this brand becomes their most valuable asset.”

“People like Robert Kiyosaki and Gary Vaynerchuk swear by this. Becoming a marketing machine and a content machine is much more powerful in this new age of marketing and business versus the traditional, older, methods of marketing.”

The question then becomes how do you leverage these new digital assets?

As Matt Tommy explained to me:

“You can place it on your landing page, or Instagram highlights to position it.
Write the PR interview or top 10 in your bio.
(These subtle positioning techniques create subconscious biases in the reading audience.)
You can also use it on your paid marketing (featured in XYZ outlets), speaking gigs, media kits, lead magnets, cover photos on your Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, etc.
The ways to leverage PR are limitless.”

Matt Tommy’s biggest tip is to rank the title or your full name and personal details on Google for SEO purposes.
I asked Matt Tommy why this is so important:

“So that when clients google you or do research on your digital footprint what appears in the results is powerful and authoritative, which allows you to generate more leads, opportunities and convert more deals.”

Need some help with your own PR? Partnering up with Building Your Authority could definitely be a great investment for you and your business.
Their offer provides the use of high authority PR media placements that are all guaranteed, (as long as you are newsworthy).
B.Y.A will show you how to leverage PR in a strategic manner to get 10x results that last a lifetime.
PR is the new digital real-estate for your brand that if utilized correctly will continue to pay massive dividends for your future.

Want to take advantage of Building Your Authority’s expertise?
Email Matt Tommy for more information at [email protected]

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