Business in Action » April 10

Golder Associates

As reports of a slow upturn in the economy surfaced this February, Golder Associates had more than just boosted business to celebrate. On February 18, Golder announced that it had received [...]

Western Surety

Last year, Western Surety Company celebrated its 100th anniversary. You would think that after that long in the business, the company would be ready for retirement—but Western Surety is far [...]

Harkel Office Furniture

While Harkel Office Furniture, of Vaughan, Ontario, might not come in and do your work for you, this is a company that does just about everything else—from setting up a serene and healthy [...]

Woolwich Dairy

As Canada’s largest and leading goat cheese producer, Woolwich Dairy has earned a reputation for the finest, award-winning products. Headquartered in Orangeville, Ontario, Woolwich has [...]

Flora Health

Flora Health’s business was built out of necessity. In 1913, the father of the current owner of the company, who was a doctor and pharmacist, fell ill and feared for his life due to the severity [...]

International Peace Garden

As the snow melts and the weather gets warmer, Canadians’ thoughts start to drift to the great outdoors, especially after being cooped up all winter. It might be too early to go swimming or [...]

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