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Employment Growth Abounds for a Robust and Expanding Industry

An old joke that often makes the rounds is that there are two seasons in Canada: winter and construction. Of course, there are many different forms of construction and preceding phrase relates [...]

Amazing Feats in Canadian Construction

A great number of Canadian construction marvels can be witnessed from coast to coast. We’ve compiled a short list of 10 amazing construction feats that often tend to stand out above the [...]

"Help!… We Need More Space!"

This is how the phone conversation started one afternoon.  Of course this was after the usual greeting and normal phone etiquette, followed by “Alex we need your [...]

Green Up!

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has announced the release of GREEN UP, an innovative building performance program for owners and operators designed to measure, compare, and improve [...]

The Government’s Plan for Long-term Infrastructure

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities, a civic advocacy group, says federal government roundtables on the new long-term infrastructure plan are excellent opportunities for government [...]


For over 25 years, the Chamberlain group has worked together in a collaborative environment, offering clients a full suite of architectural design, construction management, and project management [...]

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