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There is a movement underfoot in the corporate management and perception of safety and risk.  Safety and risk are at the head of every company’s list, but how many of them truly [...]

Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation

Last January, CBJ spoke with John Wood, the President and CEO of Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation (FFMC) about the organization and how important it is to Canadian fishers in northern [...]

Unconventional Gas Resources

Formed in 2007 by the founders of MGV Energy, Unconventional Gas Resources (UGR) is a Canadian based company with an appetite for unconventional gas in North America. With offices in Alberta and [...]

Cargowall Ltd.

Valorie Mueller and Tom Brewer are the owners of Cargowall Ltd., a specialised manufacturer of roll-formed products, located in Bowmanville, Ontario. For those unfamiliar, roll forming is a [...]

Noront Resources

In August 2007, Noront Resources made a discovery in northern Ontario, Canada, that would lead to an unprecedented staking rush on the geological structures surrounding it. They found what is now [...]

Sheridan Nurseries

For a business that is essentially reborn every spring, it’s hard to believe Sheridan Nurseries is 97 years old. And in case you were wondering, the business is nowhere near retirement. [...]

Terra Energy Corp.

Terra Energy Corp. is a Calgary-based junior exploration and production company engaged in the exploration, development and production of natural gas and oil in western Canada. Operations are [...]

Millard Refrigerated Services

Back in the 1960s, Larry Larsen had a construction business in which he built a cold storage warehouse for a client. When the warehouse went bankrupt, Larsen saw an opportunity, took over and [...]

Arrowhead Development Corporation

Investing in a prosperous economic base Long Plain First Nation is one of the most progressive First Nation communities in Manitoba. And it is this progressive attitude that is a result of Long [...]

Ambient Mechanical

In many European cultures, the family bond is so strong it is, in a sense, a part of their identity. For Ambient Mechanical, the family-owned and operated technical serving company, those strong [...]

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