Business in Action » January 11

Succession Development Corporation

Residents of Oshawa, Ontario have given an overwhelming seal of approval to Traditions of Durham, an exceedingly successful retirement community with a focus on individualized amenities, allowing [...]

Diamonds of Detroit

It is an old-fashioned sentiment, and yet a very true one: people mark their special moments with the gift of jewellery. From weddings to christenings to birthdays, our culture signifies those [...]

W-S Feeds

Some industries in Canada do better in an ever-changing marketplace by sticking with traditional methods of growing business. Such is the feeds industry, especially in Ontario, where growth [...]

The Logistics Institute

In Canada, more than 750,000 people are employed in the logistics field, which makes the sector the third largest employment sector in the country. Logisticians are a critical part of the [...]

Zanchin Automotive Group

“When is somebody successful, just because somebody says so?” quipped Joe Zanchin, President of the Zanchin Automotive Group, in speaking with The Canadian Business Journal when asked [...]

Long Beach Boat Builders Ltd.

One day in 1999, Keith Boutillier needed a new boat. Born and bred in Cape Breton, Boutillier had spent his life fishing—so he decided to build one for himself. Evidently he had a knack for [...]

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