Business in Action » July 11

Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.

There are over 179 billion barrels of crude bitumen in Canada’s oilsands—Alberta’s great resource is a matter of national pride—that are economically recoverable. Managing [...]

Obsidian Group

Since opening its doors, Canadian-owned Crabby Joe’s Tap and Grill has delighted patrons with quality food and a fun, inviting environment. And don’t let the Crabby Joe’s [...]

Strassburger Windows and Doors

Reducing heat loss is at the forefront of home design as many homeowners and residents look to reduce their environmental footprints. In Canadian homes, major sources of heat lose includes [...]

Atlantic Label

Atlantic Label is a New Brunswick-based manufacturing company which supplies labels to both regional and national businesses for many years. This issue, The Canadian Business Journal catches up [...]

Rutland Waterworks

In the words of Jim Csek, Administrator for Rutland Waterworks District, of Kelowna, B.C., “We’re on call and water doesn’t stop flowing.” In fact, for over 60 years Rutland has worked [...]

Sydney Tar Ponds Agency

The Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens are the vestiges of days gone past, when Cape Breton had one of the world’s largest steel plants. Very soon, the only signs of Cape Breton’s steel and [...]

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