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Fort St. John

Located along the Alaska Highway, Fort St. John has come a long way since its debut as a trading post in 1794 (as the oldest non-native settlement in the province). Still a relatively small city [...]

Greater Sudbury

“The Change we are living through is as big and as challenging as the transformation from agriculture to industry. Our economy is shifting away from jobs based largely on physical skills or [...]

Spotlight on northern Ontario City of Timmins

Shania Twain may have put Timmins on the map, but city officials are directing that spot-light onto the abundant opportunities the city has to offer. The surrounding cottage country and [...]

City of Victoria

Dean Fortin is the Mayor of Victoria, B.C., a city with rich history, vibrant culture, industrious citizens, tourist hot spots and a mild climate. Sworn into office on December 2, 2008, Mayor [...]


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, is the birthplace of Canada. Not just a welcoming place with a burgeoning population, Charlottetown is P.E.I.’s capital city—and there are 32,000 [...]

Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA)

With a focus on Manitoba this month, CBJ caught up with Barry Remple, President and CEO of the Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA), to find out how the WAA has brought the provincial community [...]

City of Fredericton

Where modernity meets old-world charm For a Canadian city with such rich and apparent history, Fredericton certainly doesn’t dwell in the past. In fact, it is quite the opposite. New [...]

The City of Swift Current

Where life makes sense Sleepy prairie town this is not. The City of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, has recently seen the fruition of a massive expansion project that has Canadians from across the [...]

Churchill Gateway Development Corp

The Port of Churchill is the only seaport that accesses the Arctic Ocean. Its location on the west coast of the Hudson Bay ushers in the world of ocean trade to the Canadian prairies. The Port [...]

Manitoba Floodway Authority

Winnipeg is situated at the bottom of the Red River Valley, where the Assiniboine River flows into the Red River (known to locals as The Forks). As a city built on a low-lying plain with flat [...]

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