Business in Action » November 13

Great Plains College

A regional post-secondary institution serving Southwestern Saskatchewan, Great Plains College was formed in 2008 through a merger between Cypress Hills and Prairie West colleges. Together, the [...]

Newfound Sushi

It is no stretch to associate fresh, delicious fish with Corner Brook, N.L.  What comes less quickly to mind, when thinking of the eastern-most province, is sushi. Kevin Vincent is changing [...]

Chippingham Financial Group

Chippingham Financial Group (CFG; TSX; 26) in its current form has been around for about 12 months, but during this short period of time, the firm launched a full lineup of investment products to [...]


Canadian technology company Solaris develops innovative solar heating systems that can help building owners save both energy and money. Solar panels on building roofs have become an increasingly [...]

Hi-Tec Industries Inc.

Headquartered in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Hi-Tec Industries Inc. was founded in 1995 by three brothers – Ben, John, and Cornie Dueck. They started by manufacturing small steel [...]

The Oasis Centre

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, the Oasis Centre is a premier Western Canadian venue for hosting corporate, educational and social events. The privately-owned and operated venue is preferred for [...]

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