Calgary Health Foundation doubles commitment to funding health breakthroughs

Calgary, Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As community health priorities increase, Calgary Health Trust has adopted the name Calgary Health Foundation to reflect the organization’s refined mission — funding breakthroughs in care, wellness and research.Whether you’re a grateful patient, or seeking to make an impactful investment in the community, joining Calgary Health Foundation’s ambitious mission to revolutionize health outcomes will help transform thousands of lives.Every year, 80 percent of Albertans rely on our health system. This year, we’ve all been impacted by health in a significant way. The value we place on health has never been greater.“Our community desires a progressive, sustainable health care system that’s there for us and our loved ones when we need it,” says Mike Meldrum, President & CEO of the new Calgary Health Foundation. “People recognize resilience and wellness are foundational to our standard of living so we’ve seen strong community willingness to mobilize in support of COVID-19.”  With generous donor support, Calgary Health Foundation has invested over $3M in advancing COVID-19 testing protocols, supporting frontline workers and virtually connecting long-term care residents with their families.The Foundation is also two thirds of the way towards achieving its $66 million Newborns Need campaign goal for maternal and newborn health. This investment will help to address Alberta’s higher than average pre-term birth rates and enhance Calgary’s neonatal intensive care facilities for the one in eight babies born here prematurely.According to research efforts undertaken by the Calgary Health Foundation, opportunities such as revolutionizing the treatment for major diseases, furthering conversations around mental health, and caring for our most vulnerable citizens are top priorities for our community.Meldrum identifies the organization’s unique position as the only philanthropic organization for all four Calgary adult acute care hospitals, 12 Carewest facilities and community health as appealing to prospective donors.“Typically, each hospital would have a charitable foundation associated with it. Here in Calgary we decided to bring our support for adults under one umbrella which gives us the unique opportunity to view our investments at a macro level, making system-wide impacts.”Calgary Health Foundation hopes to raise $18M to complete its Newborns Need campaign in addition to generating community support for various critical health initiatives at Calgary’s hospitals, long-term care centres and in the community. -30-The Calgary Health Foundation is a philanthropic organization uniting our donors, hospitals, care providers, and community partners with the ambitious aim of revolutionizing health outcomes. Through deep cooperation, unrelenting persistence and a sharp focus on care, wellness and research, we are unyielding in our efforts to ensure Calgarians receive the most progressive care in the world — because our loved ones and yours deserve nothing less.Valerie Ball
Calgary Health Foundation
[email protected]

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