Can Technology, Science and Dance Be the Key to Living Longer, Happier Lives?

Oct. 8, 2015 at Mission Bay Conference Center, San FranciscoSAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “Embrace Your Life, Engage Your Community” is the theme when On Lok, a pioneer and world leader in Programs for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), hosts its 8th annual Sustainable Long-Term Care Conference Thurs, Oct. 8. Conference speakers will present a broad spectrum of topics surrounding senior health, exploring emerging technologies including 3-D food printing and smart homes for seniors; the latest scientific research such as the use of Vitamin D for cardiovascular health; and holistic healing through dance and spirituality. On Lok brings together international leaders in senior health care each year to create an open dialogue about using an all-inclusive approach across all modalities as the key to senior health and longevity.New Research on Disease PreventionKeynote Speaker Gordon Lithgow, Ph.D., will unveil new research on the prevention of chronic disease. Dr. Lithgow is the director of interdisciplinary research at the renowned Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, CA. His internationally recognized research is focused on the fundamental mechanisms of aging and using biology to prevent chronic disease. The Lithgow Lab has made seminal discoveries in the use of pharmacological agents to intervene in aging processes, such as compounds that suppress pathology associated with Alzheimer’s disease.3-D Food Printing, Smart Homes, and Dance to Improve Senior HealthAdditional speakers at the conference will address 3-D food printing for senior nutrition and health, telehealthcare and smart homes for seniors, new research on Vitamin D’s importance to senior health and the role of dance and spirituality in holistic healing.On Lok, the San Francisco-based senior health and wellness organization, has hosted the conference since 2007 to provide an interactive forum for senior care professionals to hear from national and international experts discussing innovative ideas and services to improve the lives of seniors.  Previous conferences have included Daniel Amen presenting Alzheimer’s Research and Dan Buettner examining Blue Zones. “This conference comes at a crucial point for the advancement of PACE in senior health,” said Robert Edmondson, chief executive officer of On Lok and a presenter at the conference. “For years, the health community has been focused on serving the aging baby boomer – and this population is now crossing the threshold into geriatric health.  The numbers are astounding – each day 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 and will do so for the next 19 years – but the demands on the communities that support our aging population are compounded at a faster rate. The conference allows the best and brightest in our industry to share ideas in order to serve this important, vital and vibrant segment of our community.”The On Lok Sustainable Long-Term Care Conference is sponsored by Archstone Foundation, MBH Architects, Sisters of the Holy Family, Itani Dental and The San Francisco Business Times.About On Lok, Inc.

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