Canada Pipe Lining Technologies

Innovative Pipe Lining Solutions

Established in 2006, Canada Pipe Lining Technologies Ltd. (formally R&G Mechanical Services) has evolved its service line from simple plumbing services to innovative pipe lining and rehabilitation technology, making it one of the most unique plumbing and pipe lining companies in the Toronto area. The 2014 Profit 500 guide named CPL Tech #249 of the top 500 fastest growing companies in Canada, citing 225 per cent growth between 2008 and 2013. The guide also praises the company for providing valuable employment opportunities to its 23 employees and using some of the best business practices in the country.

The Canadian Business Journal recently spoke to Gianpaul Callipo about the company’s innovative pipe lining solutions, plans for expansion and the core factors that have contributed to its success.

“We don’t stick to one technology; we have an arsenal of technologies. We’re also an established plumbing company, which gives us an advantage because we approach projects already familiar with piping systems and piping layouts,” explains President Gianpaul Callipo. “So we begin with an advantage because we have extreme knowledge of piping systems and how they’re laid out, which gives us the upper hand in challenging situations. You won’t find too many plumbing companies that have adopted the technology. Most of the time, it’s either one or the other.”

Best Pipe Lining Service Available

CPL Tech’s pipe lining system involves applying a protective coating to the inside of aging pipes. This process protects the pipe interior and prevents leaks and failures. To apply the coating, carefully trained technicians sandblast the interior of the pipes to clean them and then inject an epoxy lining as a pressurized air solution. The lining coats the pipes and strengthens them. The coating has been approved by all the major North American food safety groups.

According to the website, CPL Tech uses the best pipe lining system available. This system allows the company to complete trenchless pipe repair and eliminate pinhole leaks. Not only does its system restore the inner walls of sewer lines and metal pipes, it also does not cause additional clogging, and will provide a long-lasting solution for ageing plumbing systems. Its technology has been developed for years, based on the original systems successfully installed by the U.S. Navy throughout the 1980’s. The company uses the “highest quality epoxy that is suited for high-rise buildings and other structures where extensive re-piping would be impractical and uneconomical.”

Pipe lining is also a less invasive procedure than traditional plumbing. CPL Tech is currently restoring the aging piping at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Callipo explains that the hospital is a prime example of where traditional plumping would fail as it is disruptive.

“At Sick Kids Hospital, the need for our technology is crucial. There are certain floors, and certain wings, and certain areas in the hospital where creating holes in the walls and digging up the ground would be impossible, because of the machines and equipment,” he says. “Because of the people and young children in the hospital who are suffering from many different types of diseases, dust and messes and heavy duty construction would cause very inconvenient outcomes if these dust particles got into the wrong areas of the hospital.”

Business Growth the Organic Way

The company is beginning to expand across Canada. Callipo says Canada’s piping infrastructure is aging and will require the kind of pipe lining services CPL Tech offers. In the next five to 10 years, the company is looking to grow, but not at the expense of its core values.

“As much as we have the opportunity to grow at a faster rate, we want to continue to grow organically, because we feel that if we start to lose the quality in our products, in our work, in our employees, and in our organization, we’re just going to be another company that is all about the money. We still want to grow, but grow in a way that our core values and our family culture remains the same,” Callipo says. “It’s about quality not quantity.”

Five Core Values To Live By

CPL Tech has strong core values that can be attributed to the company’s success. Its first core value is communication. “Communication in the planning process is crucial when getting involved in these project,” Callipo says. “From the project managers to technicians to the customers to the people residing in the building, it’s important to have strong communication with everybody involved to complete the project.”

Efficiency is another core value. Callipo says having an efficient practice makes the difference between a project taking days or hours. “We don’t want to hold up a project because we’re lacking certain tools or equipment,” he says.

Solutions is the third core factor. “If you come to us as a customer, we will ensure that we provide a solution to your needs,” he says, adding that, if necessary, he will bring in another company if CPL Tech cannot provide the necessary solution.

Due to the innovative nature of the industry, Callipo explains that the company always aims to innovate according to industry standards. “We believe that if we are not innovating constantly, especially with this technology, we will just fade away. There’s lots of innovation in the industry, and we’ve stayed at the forefront because we’ve been able to innovate so efficiently.”

Finally, Callipo says being results oriented is CPL Tech’s last core value. “Results are something we give to our customers, we will go those extra miles to get that result to the customer,” he says.