Canada Pipe Lining Technologies


Plumbing and water transportation systems corrode and decay with age, and the corrosion can allow for contaminants being released into the water, and create a whole list of potential health hazards. While re-piping represents a major investment for a household, commercial or industrial property, CPL Ltd. pipe lining solution may provide a less intrusive and more affordable solution.

Two partners launched R&G/CPL in 2005 as a humble and hardworking company serving Greater Toronto Area plumbing and maintenance needs. The company has evolved from a simple  plumbing company into a pipe lining and pipe rehabilitation specialists. “We were able to prove ourselves in the business because we love what we do and we had the drive to succeed by providing thorough and efficient pluming services,” says Giovanni Paolo, CEO.

The CPL system has the longest track history dating back to the 1980’s and is used worldwide, proving it as being the best in the industry.

Giovanni Paolo said that after several years in business, he saw that the pipe lining technology offered a great addition to the CPL’s plumbing service, and a new, exciting and dramatic shift in the company business model. As a professional plumber, Giovanni Paolo traveled around the world looking for the right pipe lining technology that would succeed in the North American market. “I have spent about a year traveling and learning to understand the technology, and putting together plans and equipment to launch the pipe lining segment of the CPL business.”

Pipe Lining Technology

While the company offers a full plumbing service, the pipe lining technology has been in the centre of the company offering. CPL provides customers with pipe lining technology using a patented system installed by certified and licensed CPL plumbers trained in this unique process.

CPL’s patented pipe lining system replaces underground pipes without disturbing any surface materials such as driveways, sidewalks, electrical and gas lines, roadways and parking lots. “This solution is the most time saving and cost effective way of fixing underground drainage pipes. This process restores any mechanical piping system behind walls, under floors and other hard to access areas from within. The point of this is that we do not disturb or damage the house or the building from the outside, as the pipe lining is done through the existing pipe system itself rather than by removing the existing system by cutting walls, floors and so on. The technology offers 50-plus years of design life, less disruption to occupants and the most cost effective solution,” says Giovanni Paolo.

“Our pipe lining technology offers a cost effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement methods, yet still offers the structural strength of new pipes, and saving up to 30 per cent of the pipe replacement cost,” says Giovanni Paolo.

The Process

CPL uses a pipe lining technology that has been used in the industry for over 30 years, but only about three companies in the GTA currently offer this solution to their clients. In regards to high-rise building applications, as these buildings have many narrow diameter pipes and horizontal pipes, the pipe lining applications face numerous challenges. Giovanni Paolo realized the opportunity in this niche as an area that other companies do not want to enter. 

To repair and seal leaks in these areas, the company inserts a special bladder into the pipe system and creates a new structural pipe within the old pipe but without minimizing the diameter of the pipe, and without major disturbance to the operation of the property, whether it’s commercial or industrial, infringing on the business for a several days or even weeks.

The CPL technicians inject vaporized epoxy resin into cleaned pipes, where the epoxy creates an effective protective barrier between the damaged walls and the water flow. The epoxy used has been approved by all major North American food safety groups. Once hardened, the epoxy creates a safe, waterproof coating that prevents leaks, plugs pinholes in the pipe walls, and keeps corrosion contaminants out and away from the water system.


While the company focuses on competing in the market with the common plumbing services that concentrate on pipe replacement rather than lining technologies, CPL also operates a sister company, R&G Mechanical Services that provides the whole lineup of industrial and residential plumbing services and traditional pipe replacement.

As to the pipe lining technology impact on the plumbing services, Giovanni Paolo said, “There is a business competition between the plumbers and the pipe lining companies, however, while CPL focuses on pipe lining technology, we offer both pipe lining and plumbing services, and this gives us a great advantage in the market allowing us to give our clients the choice.”

According to Giovanni Paolo, the education of the client represents the largest barrier for this technology. “I guess it’s a natural instinct to go with what you know rather than something different. It’s all about educating people, showing them the workings of the product and its long-term track record as a successful and stable product.”

While the CPL business thrives in the GTA, as a business savvy entrepreneur, Giovanni Paolo continues to seek new ways to improve the CPL business and seek the next big thing that would better serve clients and gave another edge to the CPL’s service offering.