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Canada's Best Store Fixtures

Store in a box

Beginning in 2005, Canada’s Best Store Fixtures supplies global retailers with superior designed and engineered retail interior products, from furniture to fixtures to interior finishes, including installing and merchandising, from napkin sketch to final turnover, and offering a complete, turn-key solution
to the retail sector.

Based on organic growth, Canada’s Best Store Fixtures has become a $50 million company over the years. In fact, in 2009, the company was recognized by Profit as a Hot 50 Emerging Growth Company. Bud Morris, President of Canada’s Best Store Fixtures, describes the growth of Canada’s Best Store Fixtures as “very rapid”, across all company divisions.

Recession impact

Canada’s Best Store Fixtures notes its fortunate in avoiding the effects of the recession, attributing this success to many of the company’s partners who are also in growth mode. It’s an extensive list of impressive partners and clients for Canada’s Best Store Fixtures, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Bulk Barn, Pet Valu, and Starbucks, among others.

Morris stated that Canada’s Best Store Fixtures has seen continuous growth, which notably did not slow during the recession, while the company has also positioned itself to consider further business expansion as well.

“We hope it continues to grow. I want to be as big as possible while still making it a fun place and a fun job to do,” Morris said. “I love coming here, I love what we do, and I think it’s fantastic. If it gets too big that it’s not fun anymore, then I want to downsize it. I don’t know what that number is, but I want to keep doing it as long as it’s fun.”

One stop shop

In a competitive marketplace, Canada’s Best Store Fixtures also attributes its success to its organizational model.

“I’m asked that question a lot and I think that it’s pretty simple, and I don’t know why so many other organizations struggle with it,” Morris explained. “We do what we say we’re going to do and we’re extremely customer service centric. Making our customers look good in front of their bosses is what we live for—that’s really what it is about.

“It seems pretty simple and a lot of people say that is what they do, but in our case, we really do and we’re good at it. Word travels quickly and I think if you talk to any one of our customers they will tell you that they’re happy to be a part of our organization.”

Busy in its operations, Canada’s Best Store Fixtures is also looking to improve and streamline across every area of its business. Morris said, “We’re doing things all the time. I don’t have a goal and I kind of struggle with that; what is the goal, or is my goal just to continuously consider what we’re doing and that goal can alter all the time. We’re nimble.”

Canada’s Best Store Fixtures is truly a one-stop shop, a single source entity providing all things necessary for retail shops. Morris explained, “We’re also really doing it in a smart way. We’re importing products where we have to, we’re locally manufacturing products where we can, and then our services end of our business and our merchandise installation rounds out that package.”

Providing a turn-key solution for the retail industry, Canada’s Best Store Fixtures offers it all from concept, to engineering, to manufacturing, to importing. “We are what we are,” Morris summarized.

Going green

Also a big part of the business at Canada’s Best Store Fixtures is being as environmentally friendly as possible, something Morris described as the “common sense way of doing business.”

“We realized that we can’t be a carbon neutral manufacturer. It’s just not possible,” Morris explained. “But for us to not even recognize it, to not even try to do things in a better way is just ridiculous. We just have to do it; it’s the right thing to do for our planet. We borrow the planet from our children, we don’t own it. In the time that we’re here, do the right thing and consider.”

Canada’s Best Store Fixtures is conscious of its environmental responsibilities and is always looking for better ways to ‘green’ its operations. The company has brought this subject to light in asking its people to consider the environment in everything they do, at work or elsewhere, conducting themselves accordingly.

“As an organization, we try to put practices and policies in place around the consideration of the environment, but it’s more about not wasting.

“In our products that we actually manufacture, we consider the recyclability of it,” Morris concluded. “As wood producers, we are members of Forestry Stewardship Council, which means we’re buying our raw materials from other people that are conscious of the environment and are doing what they have to do to sustain an environmentally-friendly fashion.”

With that in mind, and a successful growth base in tow, Canada’s Best Store Fixtures is set for a green, prosperous future.