Canadian Apparel Company, ecologyst achieves significant investment to develop their media arm

ecologyst is committed to durable clothing, sustainably produced in Canada.ecologyst has used video for a number of years to tell the stories of human’s impact on the planet through ecologyst ambassadors in the outdoors in ecologyst apparel.The District is a Vancouver based media company specializing in the development of music sharing communities across major content platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook and Amazon.VICTORIA, British Columbia, Aug. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ecologyst has long taken a stand on ethical, sustainable apparel, since they were founded as Sitka in Victoria, B.C. nearly 20 years ago. The company has followed its mission to leave the planet better than we found it. To do this, ecologyst has developed vertical production in Victoria, with sustainable fabrics, made in small batches which is sold online and in its flagship stores in Victoria and Whistler.It was also important to the company to tell the story of human’s impact on the world. The company invested in a videographer and photographer that could tell these stories, such as their series on the herring, #BigLittleFish. The short films also showcase the ecologyst gear in action and tell the story behind the company.Retail has seen an unprecedented acceleration of change due to COVID. Statistics Canada says e-commerce sales hit a record $3.9 billion in May, a 2.3 percent increase over April and 99.3 percent increase over February. E-commerce sales have more than doubled year over year, with a 110.8 percent increase compared with May 2019. For ecologyst, they have seen even higher sales, with a 168 percent increase over the last three months compared to 2019. Online media, such as videos has become an important part of online business.Josh Carr-Hilton, an entrepreneur and founder of The District, said, “I respect what ecologyst represents in the retail sector. Their locally made, sustainably sourced manufacturing standards represent a model I want to see succeed in our current climate. The opportunity to invest in a company whose team and brand so honestly and authentically represent standards I wish to endorse in retail is what drew me to this opportunity. Together we will expand on this vision and develop new profit generating publishing methods through an expanded media presence. As a strategic partner we plan to incorporate content and expand the product offering from Ecologyst across our global influence within the music sector. I’m confident that sustainable products can become a larger component of developing and mainstream musicians around the world and I see ecologyst being that partner.”In 2018, Carr-Hilton was named one of Billboard Magazines Power players: speaking to their influence in a market that is receptive to ecologysts message of the reciprocal power of nature.René Gauthier, Founder and CEO, said, “This funding is an endorsement of our business model that planet and profit can co-exist. We have been committed to reducing our impact on the planet, and our community has valued the stories that we have told. Working with Josh we will be able to tell the stories to a significantly larger audience. In addition, ecologyst apparel will reach a significantly larger audience.”Already the investment has enabled ecologyst to build their media arm and start generating additional revenue, as well as telling the stories that are meaningful to the brand and the community.Building on Carr-Hilton’s investment we want to become 20% owned by our community. We’re seeking co-owners. To invest in ecologyst head to FrontFundr for full details. – Video more information or media interviews: Victoria Bennett [email protected] 403 589 7992 

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