Canadian Ecommerce Solution Poised for Growth

TORONTO, April 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Razzall Inc. is showing the tech industry why Canada is a leader in the space with the world’s first Crowd Purchasing platform. Razzall launched two years ago, and since their inception and launch, they have seen consistent growth in their user base and are poised to be the next big thing in ecommerce.

Razzall™ puts the buying power back into the consumer’s hands by allowing them to “crowd purchase™” high demand items. Essentially, Razzall groups consumers together to purchase spots or Razzes™ for a fraction of an item’s cost, for example, tickets to the Superbowl, sports memorabilia or a Tesla. Once a seller’s asking price is satisfied, a selected purchaser is chosen by a third party Randomizer.

Razzall’s business model has been validated over the first two days of their equity crowdfunding raise with Toronto’s Equivesto, an Exempt Market Dealer, as they reached 43 percent of their $100,000 goal.

In 1995 the world saw eBay usher in the partnership between ecommerce and bidding on items or the auction style of ecommerce. Twenty-six years later, eBay is a $37.53 billion dollar business, and Razzall is ready to take over the ecommerce auction platform space. The injection of funds from investors will help them reach the audience they need to make that happen.

This last year, mainly due to lockdowns across Canada, ecommerce exploded, with a 44 percent increase year on year. Simultaneously, lockdowns caused people to reinvigorate old hobbies or start new ones. The sports memorabilia and sportscard market saw massive gains, with millennials and baby boomers alike spending significant amounts of money investing in what was once considered a hobby. The value of sports cards and memorabilia reached the millions of dollars. Razzall is poised to take advantage of the growth of both industries.

Founder of Razzall Joe Rubini, a sports enthusiast and memorabilia collector himself, spent time in private Facebook groups gaining access to raffles for high value sports memorabilia. These private groups are unregulated and lack transparency. Joe saw an opportunity to “. . . bring the same excitement to the masses, independently, and in a verified way, outside of social media and that Razzall could become the newest successful Ecommerce platform. Ultimately, sharing a seat at the table with the likes of eBay and Amazon.”

Razzall™ is changing the way consumers access high demand items they love, particularly sports memorabilia and cars, as well as sporting events and electronics. While with Razzall, there is no guarantee, there is a lot of fun thanks to their crowd purchasing™ system. Not only is Razzall fun, it is also transparent, proven, and validated

Razzall believes that they are perfectly poised for the sigh of relief that will come as vaccinations increase across North America people begin to access the events they love once more.

Founded in 2018 and based out of Toronto, ON Razzall Inc. is revolutionizing ecommerce with its auction style website and application that has been live for two years. Razzall has trademarked Crowd Purchasing, where a group of individuals purchase an item for a fraction of the cost, putting the buying power back into consumer’s hands. Razzall is verified, transparent, fun and taking ecommerce by storm.

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