Canadian Telecom Provider Fibernetics Helping Thousands of Businesses Work Remotely

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, April 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fibernetics Corp., one of the largest Canadian telecom providers with offices in Cambridge, Waterloo, and Calgary, has been keeping Canadians connected for nearly two decades. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, they have seen a significant increase in demand for Internet and voice services and are doing everything to provide their world class services to Canadian businesses as the demand grows daily, all the while swiftly converting its own business to a remote workforce.
Fibernetics’ own employees were sent home mid-March. “We realized as community members, we needed to do our part to help flatten the curve of infection and keep our employees and their families safe,” said Hee Kim, COO of Fibernetics. “Adaptability, redundancy, reliability, and security have always been at the core of how this business was built, and because of this we were able to flip the switch almost instantaneously. As an example, even our 80 contact centre agents, located in the Dominican Republic, are taking care of our residential customers from home. I am incredibly proud of our employees and partners for being so aligned and motivated to help our customers during such a challenging time.”A main factor in Fibernetics’ ability to seamlessly transition to remote-work was making use of the services provided by its own business division, NEWT. In particular, the functionality to allow employees to take their office phone line home with them via a software version of their desk phone and through NEWT’s mobile app, meant that the telecom and internet provider was able to continue to provide critical communication services and support to its customers.“Now, Fibernetics is poised to help Canadian businesses with their own work-from-home internet and communication requirements,” said Mike Brown, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Fibernetics. “We are open for business, and since we developed most of our own products and services in-house, we’re able to move quickly to modify and adapt to solve our customer’s unique challenges.”Although Fibernetics already has well-established core products and services, they welcome challenges to be creative and customize solutions for their customers. The business was started in a basement almost 20 years ago and their entrepreneurial roots have always been honoured within their workplace culture.Frank Gerencser, the Chairman & CEO of triOS College, was faced with the prospect of moving the entire College online in just a few days. “Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we made the business decision to convert all on-ground classes to remote online delivery for three weeks starting immediately on Monday, March 16th. This was not a small undertaking as we needed to move over 3000 students, trained by over 300 instructors, teaching 150+ different programs simultaneously. They all needed to switch to a combination of video conferencing and conference call bridges almost immediately and increasing the demand on our bandwidth tenfold. Fibernetics’ telecom infrastructure and team performed flawlessly, and we went live without a hitch.”Additionally, Fibernetics’ partners across the country have also been critical in this time of adjustment and 5D Computers located in the Tri-Cities, has been nothing less than exceptional.“Through the support of the Fibernetics team and the team at 5D, we have installed more than 500 phone systems across Canada over the years.” said Duane Rose, President of 5D Computers, a NEWT partner. “Fast forward to today. Our clients are looking for quick ways to mobilize home office workers and provide all the necessary tools to remain effective. NEWT has all the necessary features already built in.”Fibernetics has also stepped up its free online training on key features for remote employees. What they normally deliver for training in a month, they are now offering weekly due to the high demand.“Hundreds of clients have taken advantage of this, and it has provided much needed peace of mind in absolutely crazy times,” said Rose. “Free support for us and our customers is simply unheard of. We really have become a family, focused on helping our customers succeed.”“A core pillar of Fibernetics’ culture has always been innovation,” says John Stix, Co-Founder of Fibernetics, “and we want Canadians to know that we have tools that can help address some of the new challenges that we’re all facing together. I have noticed incredible teamwork during this time and we will continue to hold this core value close as we keep our customers as our number one focus, while ensuring our award winning workplace culture is alive and well, even while working remote and physically separated from each other.”InquiriesJohn Stix – Co-Founder, Fibernetics Corp.[email protected] | (226) |
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