Canadian Payroll Association


Since 1978, the Canadian Payroll Association has represented the best interests of more than 1.5 million Canadian employers. A leading national organization, the Canadian Payroll Association advocates best practices in payroll administration and serves as professional development grounds for advanced payroll training. On a national scale, the Canadian Payroll Association has been an influential voice toward payroll policies and practices that impact both small and large Canadian employers and governmental tax authorities.

Payroll Compliance

According to the Canadian Payroll Association, each year Canadian employers distribute more than $830 billion in wages and taxable benefits, all while complying to the more than 190 regulatory requirements that encompass the payroll environment. As such, following up-to-date payroll regulations and requirements is the key for any organization’s financial wellbeing. It’s no surprise that nearly all of Canada’s highest revenue generating companies are members organizations of the Canadian Payroll Association. The list includes such major conglomerates as Manulife Financial, Magna International, Bell Canada, Loblaws, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, and the Royal Bank of Canada.

The Canadian Payroll Association highlights compliance risk management as a critical responsibility of payroll operations, and advocates that every company demonstrates responsible payroll administration. Efficient, effective, and manageable payroll operations are financially supportive of an organization’s bottom line. Part of the service offered by the Canadian Payroll Association is the ability to build awareness of payroll compliance guidelines. The Canadian Payroll Association is quick to identify the administrative areas that can often tie down a payroll department, and how best to conduct these duties, clarify payroll concerns, and eliminate unnecessary ‘red tape’ functions.

Knowledge is the key to compliance. As the duties of modern payroll professionals have become more expansive, informative payroll management plays an increasingly critical role for any organization. Not only is a payroll department responsible for employee wages, but also staff benefits, general accounting, standards compliance, human resource functions, and more.

As government regulations and employee benefits and credits have increased over the years, so too have the challenges associated with payroll requirements and compliance. By the numbers, increasing the volume of payroll transactions also increases the chance of error in payroll compliance. As a result, the Canadian Payroll Association has further developed initiatives and strategies that supported continued payroll compliance. Where organizations will not be subject to fines and penalties and can potentially experience revenue growth.

Professional Development

As a source of advanced payroll education, the Canadian Payroll Association offers a range of professional development and certificate programs that ultimately make corporate payroll operations more enhanced, efficient, compliant, and technologically-based. Serving more than 17,500 organizations and individuals across Canada, the Canadian Payroll Association also serves as a supportive networking opportunity for association members to share payroll concepts. Events like Certification Recognition, the Annual Conference and Trade Show, and National Payroll Week further supports the association’s membership.

In advising its membership, the Canadian Payroll Association relies on its vast network of payroll service bureaus, such as Ceridian, Desjardins, National Bank, and ADP, and a range of international software providers, such as CGI and SAP, who offer expertise, knowledge, and best practices for payroll management.

Additionally, the Canadian Payroll Association’s most popular service, Payroll InfoLine, fields tens of thousands of questions each year via email and telephone in response to members’ payroll concerns. Experienced payroll consultants offer access and expertise to a range of concerns, whether it relates to labour standards, legislative requirements, vacation pay, statutory holidays, retirement allowance, or income tax.

The Canadian Payroll Association also offers professional development educational programming that keeps payroll professionals up-to-date with the latest in legislative payroll requirements, technological innovation, and industry best practices. Each year, the Canadian Payroll Association hosts more than 350 seminars and webinars as part of its professional development series.

Developing strong payroll guidelines, the Canadian Payroll Association is a leader in offering payroll information as it relates to pension plan rates and maximums, employment insurance, pension adjustment limits, workers’ compensation filing deadlines, updated information on payroll issues and legislation, payroll news, industry information, and an e-newsletter service featuring information related to payroll administration from federal and provincial government agencies.

The Canadian Payroll Association continues to assist its members with enhanced and streamlined payroll management operations through a range of products and services, certifications, technological advancements, and innovative development programming.