Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts

Boutique Hotels and Restaurants

Home to picturesque resort lodges covering a mountainous landscape, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts houses three major historic properties: Buffalo Mountain, Deer Lodge, and Emerald Lake.


Buffalo Mountain Lodge, in Banff, Alta., is both the largest and the oldest property of Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, dating back more than 100 years.

The second property, Deer Lodge, located in Banff National Park of Lake Louise, Alta., exhibits a historic, early 20th century appeal. A 1980s addition of a new building wing updated the structure with a more modern feel. The third and central property, Emerald Lake Lodge, is a remarkable, off the grid resort that was originally built in 1917. Surrounded by lakefront cabins, Emerald Lake encompasses lodging with fine dining.

From oversized living spaces to wood burning fireplaces, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts pledges an always enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience.


Across its dining portfolio, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts owns four restaurants within the calgary city core, each embracing the successful philosophy of Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts in offering a distinct culinary experience. Its first restaurant, Cilantro, opened its doors in 1988. Featuring Californian and southwestern style cuisine, the restaurant is an ideal mix of classy and casual downtown dining.

Its second establishment, Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro, is situated along downtown 8th Avenue, an area home to several historic Calgary sites. Described as a unique space, Divino’s Wine & Cheese Bistro embraces a modern décor that unites with the building’s historic feel.

The Ranche Restaurant, located in a protected nature reserve in Fish Creek Park, began operating in 2001 as a historic house turned restaurant. Highlighting community tastes, the delectable menu at The Ranche Restaurant offers area favourites that focus on Canadian game meats like elk and buffalo. The Ranche Restaurant is the specialist when it comes to ‘Rocky Mountain cuisine’.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts’ most recent dining development, Bar C, situated next to Cilantro, offers a contemporary, lounge dining experience. The perfect atmosphere for sharing unique foods, Bar C extends the company’s focus on creative, quality food.

Larkin O’Connor, Development Manager of Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, told The Canadian Business Journal, “What we say is four different settings, one philosophy. Food is a huge focus for us, and it’s a primary draw.”

Rounding out its offering, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts established two added services: its own wine and liquor boutique, with a dedicated retail segment and wholesale distribution for its vast properties, featuring exclusive Italian wines. Its second venture, CRMR at Home, caters home-ready dishes and its own signature lineup of cookware and food products.

Energy Efficiency

Through its history, the expansion of Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts has allowed the company to vertically integrate lodging with downtown dining. Other initiatives, like a local, privately owned game farm to raise elk and buffalo promotes sustainable operations. In fact, within the sustainability conversation, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts has focused on generating its own power at its remote resorts. O’Connor described, “We use a much cleaner energy, mixing our diesel generators with 50 per cent propane, which is also much more efficient and affordable.”

At Emerald Lake Lodge, a redevelopment of environmentally friendly cabins means energy efficient water heating and high insulation roofing. Emerald Lake Lodge is also home to a staff accommodation building that is wind turbine powered to produce electricity. O’Connor added, “My goal is to be producing power more efficiently at our standalone facility than what is coming off the grid.”

Next Steps

For Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, the next step is further property integration, from its wine store to its game farm, in addition to increased redevelopment of its existing properties, like Deer Lodge. Moving forward, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts will continue to build its energy efficiency and modern amenities appeal, while preserving the site’s traditional feel.

“Our properties are a bit of old meets new,” O’Connor concluded. “We take exciting buildings and create something that is unique, but also very Albertan and tied to our history.”

Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts continues to unite one-of-a-kind Canadian lodging with unique dining experiences.