Canadian Springs

Bottled Water Delivery

Canadian Springs is the leading national provider of fresh, natural spring water and the highest quality demineralized water.

Operating in regional state-of-the-art facilities as well as distribution outlets situated across Canada, the company delivers clean, quality drinking water to homes and businesses across the country. Founded as Laurentian Water in 1882, now under the Aquaterra banner, the company has emerged as the Canadian leader in large format bottled water, currently holding 65 per cent of the office beverage market share.

Clean and Healthy

As part of the drinking water industry, Canadian Springs recognizes the many benefits and necessities of rival tap water, but also realizes convenience challenges and a host of health concerns.

“People need water in specific spots and that’s the main reason our water still sells today,” Mengo McCall, Director of Business Development with Canadian Springs, told The Canadian Business Journal. “Tap water is mostly good – there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s absolutely needed and necessary – but there are realities about tap water that makes people buy another kind of water. “We’re in the business of clean, healthy water, provided as bottled spring or demineralized water, or through a filtration system. There will always be a drinking water business in addition to tap water, because tap water doesn’t reach everywhere drinking water is needed, as well as for taste and health reasons.”

Canadian Springs offers an available and accessible ‘hydration solution’. More recently, the company has also expanded its product category as a coffee and tea supplier for home and office customers, capturing an even larger share of the office beverage category and furthering its dominant market presence.

Product expansion offers existing customers the added convenience of sourcing all their office beverage needs from a single provider. Canadian Springs aims to be the one stop solution for all office beverage desires.

McCall summarized, “We’re already doing well, and now we’re carrying big brands, from Starbucks, to Keurig, to local fair trade and organic brands, so we have products for every taste.”

Filtration Systems

Although its main products are refillable bottles and water coolers, Canadian Springs is also a leading provider of tap water filtration systems. Microfiltration systems remove and reduce water impurities, ensuring water safety and quality by removing potentially harmful contaminants, such as chlorine, lead, turbidity, and bacteria, as well as unpleasant tastes and odours.

“We believe in clean, healthy water and having lots of it around so you can properly hydrate yourself,” McCall explained. “The fact is that most North Americans are severely dehydrated. As a society, we don’t drink nearly enough water every day. It leads to a lack of productivity and many well-documented health problems. Water makes everyone feel better and healthier.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

2013 plans to be a major year for Canadian Springs, with the company formally launching its social responsibility program. Based on its returnable, refillable, and recyclable water bottles, Canadian Springs understands the importance for a water supplier to hone supportive environmental sustainability initiatives.

“When you think about it, because our bottles are so big and are refilled so many times, we offer the lowest carbon footprint beverage bottle on the planet by far,” McCall described. “Our bottles are used many more times than your average bottle – up to 55 times each, and with each measuring 18.5 litres, that’s over 1,000 litres per bottle.”

By the numbers, the amount of water supplied in a Canadian Springs refillable and recyclable bottle accounts for 2,000 single use, 500 mL bottles. Additionally, by including a deposit on each of its bottles, the company sees nearly all of its bottles – 99.8 per cent – returned to the facility to be cleaned, refilled, and redelivered.

“It’s an amazing environmental story because we don’t have to keep manufacturing new bottles every time we deliver water,” McCall added.

Looking ahead, the plan is for Canadian Springs to further grow its already dominant presence in the office beverage category. Offering direct delivery on a national scale, Canadian Springs holds an exceptional market position to continue along its growth path.

“We’ll continue to do well and we plan to be the biggest office beverage company in Canada,” McCall concluded, “and the key is that we’ll do it as sustainably as possible.”