Selling the Canadian Dream

With our gorgeous seasons and incredible landscape, Canada is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world – and Canadians aren’t the only people who think so.

CanaDream Corporation, publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange, has been selling the Canadian dream since 1995, when the company acquired an ailing company in the RV business. The company is now a market leader in the Canadian RV rental industry, and there’s a lot to be said for a company that helps people travel the great expanse of our country. Brian Gronberg, President at CanaDream, says that international visitors to Canada and Canadians alike rent repeatedly from Canadream because of the “overall experience that they’ve had with CanaDream”. He recalls fondly one couple who have been customers of CanaDream for 19 years: “The gentleman had an old CanaDream baseball cap – it was a piece of rag but he wasn’t giving it up. The couple had told me they had
started travelling with us when their kids were smaller and now that they’ve grown it’s just the two of them – so they only need a smaller unit”. “We’ve got lots of people that keep coming back every year – this is their holiday in Canada and they want to keep coming back” he explains.

CanaDream caters to clients who are from all over the globe, who want to “realize their dream of experiencing, up-close and personal, Canada’s vast unspoiled natural landscape and its magnificent Natural Park system in the comfort of a motorhome or the economy and convenience of a ‘camper’”.

Across Canada
CanaDream’s fleet includes approximately 700 units that are available at seven Canadian locations: Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Halifax, Nova Scotia and Whitehorse, Yukon. The newest Cana- Dream location is Kelowna, and despite its northern locale – Gronberg says that the company gets “lots of visitors to Whitehorse”. Why? It’s simple: the cities where the company has established itself are main gateways to Canada. Visitors don’t have to go through another hub in order to rent and travel. Gronberg says that CanaDream has 6,000 bookings a year, and hosts about 20,000 guests.

The CanaDream fleet is part of the reason the company has been so successful. CanaDream is committed to achieving the highest level of technological advancements and does continual upgrades and maintenance of its rental fleet. According to the website: “Cana- Dream’s technological leadership covers all facets of the business, from its International Marketing Infrastructure to the Proprietary Software used in its booking, fleet management and general management and control systems. The Company’s foresight in developing these various technological tools is now beginning to pay dividends, as its clients share the economies and the industry recognizes the extent of the competitive advantage afforded by these tools”.

Tourism in Canada
Not only are CanaDream focused on being at the cutting edge of technology, the company is always trying their best to making tourists’ trips the best while
they’re in Canada. “Tourism is a very integral part of the economy, but it’s also somewhat neglected” Gronberg says, recalling that that reason was a big part of why he joined CanaDream over a decade ago.

The company plans to focus on trip planning more in the future, in order to enhance the tourism aspect for clients. Where other businesses in the industry are
crumbling, CanaDream is staying ahead by looking ahead. “We want to focus on trip planning, and extend into it al the variables of destination campsites to the point that customer can book a campsite and feel comfortable” Gronberg says. “It’s part of something new for us – the CanaDream Club. We want to enable customers to set their itineraries online, and then use internal GPS systems to get where they’re going. Our goal is to give them the experience.” If you go to the CanaDream website, you can see sample tours that the company suggests:

Ready for the road ahead
The Canadian experience is certainly what tourism is all about. CanaDream is set to capitalize in an industry that isn’t doing as well as it could, and Gronberg is pleased to report that “last year, we had our best year ever”. He says that relative to the product CanaDream sells, Canada, “the demand is still strong. Our used sales have increased significantly, even if new sales have been affected”.

CanaDream’s revenues for the year were $23.5 million, which is six per cent higher than last year. The company has a cash flow from operations of $7.9 million
– which is 36 per cent higher than last year. In addition, CanaDream’s total fleet, capital assets and other financing at April 30, 2009 increased $5.7 million or 35 per cent from the previous year.

With a dedicated staff and the best fleet in the industry, the road looks good for CanaDream. Gronberg says that the company has a strong culture, and that is evident “in the fact that we have about 200 staff that goes down to about 25 in the wintertime – yet, the seasonal staff keep coming back, year after year”. He adds that more than just a job, CanaDream represents a place where “many frontline staff have built lifelong friendships with some of the guests”.

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