Modern and Beautiful

Vaughan-based retailer Canaroma sells designer bath and tiles guaranteed to make any bathroom or kitchen dazzle.

Nothing says luxury like a beautifully designed bathroom, whether it’s a modern oasis of sleek lines and artistic forms or an escape to the plushness and opulence of times past. Whatever the style desired, 35-year-old retailer Canaroma seeks to create it through its wide range of high-end products, many of them from exclusive Italian designers. Canaroma’s portfolio includes vanity mirrors, bathtubs, showers, faucets, fixtures, accessories and tiles for both bathrooms and kitchens — all of them manufactured by some of the best in the business.

There’s a lot of choice,” says Sales and Marketing Director Patricia Ee, “from everyday products to exclusive lines that you can’t find anywhere else in Canada,” The attractive layout and knowledgeable sales team at Canaroma’s large showroom in Vaughan ensures customers find what they’re looking for.

“In our showroom, we display our products in small, niche settings showing what your bathroom can look like,” Ee says. “We give customers design ideas through these presentations, and our sales people are experienced enough to give recommendations. Many of our sales people have a very good hold of the technical aspects as well.”

Follower of Fashion

Over more than 35 years in the business, Canaroma has developed a keen sense of style and become adept at following the trends. It stocks enough styles to please everyone. “The main question we ask customers is what kind of style or design they are looking for,” Ee says.

“The main choices are modern, transitional and traditional. For the past 10 years, the modern look has been extremely popular and it’s still going very strong.

This includes vanities that are wall-hung and use materials such as glass and shapes with very clean lines.”

“However, now we’re also seeing a trend in which gold embellishments and traditional styles are coming back into popularity. Some people ask for the traditional look but with some modern details. For example, you can choose old faucets embedded with Swarovski crystals for a bit of bling,” continued Ee.

Canaroma ensures it is always up to date by attending Cersaie, an international bath trade show that happens in Bologna, Italy, every year. “[The company owners] go there every year to discover the latest trends in bath design and products, and bring back what customers are asking for,” Ee adds. “We’re such a force in this industry that we can actually set the trends in the GTA, for what we believe should be hot in 2013.”

Bright Ideas

According to Ee, innovations for 2013 include LED lighting, natural stone, chromotherapy and Murano glass, all of which are already in stock. LED lighting is becoming particularly widely used, as its eco-friendly and compact advantages come to light. She describes three products in particular that use LED to great effect. The first is a modern glass vanity unit that uses motion detection to light up when someone approaches it. “It’s a very new and innovative concept, and people seem to love that because it’s automatic,” Ee says.

“Another vanity we have, from exclusive Italian line Mastro Fiore, has LED lighting set inside natural alabaster stone. The glow permeates through the stone, giving it a really translucent and luminescent quality.”

The third LED vanity comes from Artelinea, another exclusive Italian line. “They are one of the world’s best when it comes to bathroom vanity mirrors,” says Ee.

“For their mirrors they use LED lights in various shapes, sizes and colours.”

Light also features in Canaroma’s special chromotherapy showers, which use coloured light to create an effect on the user, such as to relax or energize them.

“These showers don’t use electricity – the lights come on are powered by flowing water, so it’s very eco-friendly,” Ee adds.

Different by Design

The retailer also sells a variety of attractive sinks; one of them designed to look like a flower petal, others using coloured Murano glass that Ee says brings “a lot of dramatic flair and colour” to a room. “It’s these types of things that set us apart and keep the customers coming back, because we’ll always have something that is really new and innovative,” she adds.

Natural stone tiles are not unusual, but Canaroma’s way of sourcing and manufacturing them is. “People love slate but they don’t love the maintenance – it’s always chipping, it’s difficult to clean, there are so many facets and it’s very porous,” says Ee. “But we pre-seal our natural stone tiles so that there’s no moisture, dampness or staining problems. The tiles are smooth, so there’s no chipping and maintenance is a breeze. All our natural stone tiles are quarried and hand-picked in Europe, so that we get the best patterns and colours.”

Getting Noticed

Canaroma’s showroom in Vaughan certainly has no trouble impressing customers. The retailer’s main challenge, therefore, is persuading people from downtown to make the journey. “We try to convince them to come to our showroom by staying in contact with them,” says Ee. “We have a customer database and let everyone know about new products, offers and events in our showroom. We’re always using Facebook and Twitter to announce news. Once people do visit they won’t be disappointed, because there is so much product.”

Soon there will be even more to see in the showroom, as the company is expanding its floor space from 15,000 to around 18,000 square feet – partly to accommodate its tile department. “We are the largest Porcelanosa tile retailer in eastern Canada and we specialize in ceramic porcelain tiles,” says Ee.

Canaroma is also opening a new, smaller showroom close by. This new branch will complement the existing designer showroom with a range of more affordable products, including overstock and discontinued products. Ee hopes the expansion will cement the retailer’s position as leader in the market.

“We don’t want our customers to look elsewhere – they can find porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles all at Canaroma,” she says. With a range of sinks, showers, faucets, vanities, baths and other fittings just as comprehensive, Canaroma is sure to clean up.