Canoe Financial broadens its fixed income and international equity fund lineups

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canoe Financial LP (“Canoe Financial”) announces the expansion of its fixed income and equity fund lineups with the launch of Canoe Unconstrained Bond Fund and Canoe Unconstrained Bond Portfolio Class sub-advised by Reams Asset Management (“Reams”), and Canoe International Equity Portfolio Class sub-advised by PineStone Asset Management Inc. (“PineStone”).

Rethink traditional fixed income investing with Canoe Unconstrained Bond Fund and Canoe Unconstrained Portfolio Class

Canoe Unconstrained Bond Fund and Canoe Unconstrained Bond Portfolio Class aim to provide a flexible, unconstrained approach to navigating across fixed income sectors while optimizing returns in all market environments. The Reams investment team utilizes a broader array of tools than traditional fixed income solutions to manage duration, mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities. Canoe Unconstrained Bond Portfolio Class has a tax-efficient structure that is suitable for non-registered investment accounts.

Reams Asset Management

Reams is an Indianapolis-based boutique manager with a successful track record of managing unconstrained fixed income strategies dating back to 1998, and US$23.8 billion in assets under management. Led by Mark Egan, Chief Investment Officer, the Reams investment team’s differentiated investment approach focuses on risk-adjusted returns and benchmark-agnostic portfolio construction.

“Reams is excited to partner with Canoe Financial to bring our time-tested unconstrained fixed income strategy to Canadian investors,” said Mark Egan. “Throughout the vetting process, Canoe’s innovative and client-centric approach to distribution resonated strongly with our team. Our shared ethos – belief in active management, independent thought, and serving as stewards of our clients’ capital – also reinforces our confidence that Canoe is an ideal partner in an important market for Reams.”

Diversify home country bias with Canoe International Equity Portfolio Class

Canoe International Equity Portfolio Class leverages the expertise of PineStone’s proven high conviction approach to investing that has benefitted investors in Canoe Financial’s US, global and defensive international equity strategies. PineStone’s award-winning investment team focuses on what PineStone believes to be high quality international companies that can generate increased shareholder value.

PineStone Asset Management

Headed by veteran portfolio manager Nadim Rizk, Montreal-based PineStone is independent, 100% private and employee-owned, and manages CAD$60 billion in assets across international, global, and US equity strategies. PineStone’s core values are centred around a single investment philosophy and process that is focused on quality and long-term investing.

“Our mission is to create extraordinary value for our clients and their beneficiaries over many years,” said Nadim Rizk, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. “Our relationship with Canoe goes back several years now and I am thrilled to be partnering with them once again to bring our international strategy to Canadian investors.”

“We continue to grow and offer products to meet the evolving needs of Canadians. These investment solutions strengthen our lineup and provide access to highly sought-after asset classes,” said Darcy Hulston, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canoe Financial. “Reams brings a strong track record and proven expertise in unconstrained bond investing, and we’re excited to be deepening our relationship with Nadim and PineStone, a long-time valued partner of Canoe. Partnering with both Reams and PineStone highlights our commitment to providing investors excellence in asset management.”

Fund codes

Fund Series F Series A
Canoe Unconstrained Bond Fund GOC5063 GOC5061
Canoe Unconstrained Bond Portfolio Class GOC5163 GOC5161
Canoe International Equity Portfolio Class GOC4633 GOC4631

About Canoe Financial

Canoe Financial is one of Canada’s fastest growing independent mutual fund companies managing $13.8 billion in assets across a diversified range of award-winning investment solutions. Founded in 2008, Canoe Financial is an employee-owned investment management firm focused on building financial wealth for Canadians. Canoe Financial has a significant presence across Canada, including offices in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

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