Car Zoo Provides COVID-19 Update for Dealerships Looking for Active Car Buyers

Car Dealers – Exploring the issue of COVID-19 ramifications to dealership walk-in trafficCar Zoo will keep the sales team within dealerships active and busy
TORONTO, April 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Coronavirus is taking an unprecedented toll on both private and business levels.Our company is committed to supporting the dealership community during this time of uncertainty and apprehension.As car buyers are reluctant to visit dealerships to browse, we are seeing a dramatic rise in daily activity on all of our pages with requests for contact from dealerships pertaining to used vehicles by our in-market car buying audience.Dealerships can prosper and pivot how they conduct business in the short term and potentially evolve and benefit long term with these changes. We are here to make this happen.To the point and in a nutshellat no risk to your dealership — Car Zoo will match and acquire local in market high intent active car buyers to your dealership’s existing used vehicle inventory by VIN.It is a 5 to 8 multi touch point system to deliver a high intent 1st party lead with trackable results for intelligent engagement. The real-time request for contact is significant, as it is solely initiated by the active car buyer. As a direct result the dealership takes delivery of a highly motivated car buyer, connecting a dealership with the buyer’s exact motivation, choice and intent — 100% accountable, and transparent with an average closing ratio of 12% – 19%.Our product is a game changer, as Car Zoo is disrupting traditional lead generation for pre-owned vehicles. Your active car buyer audience sees only your inventory – NEVER – any competitors’ inventory, unlike endemic websites like – Car Gurus or AutoTrader or – advertising vehicles of your competitors, right on your vehicle page. We will do nothing of the kind. This is the opposite of our business model. Car shoppers in your geo-targeted area, selected by you in advance, will only see your dealership inventory and not any other, enhancing the lead quality dramatically. Your dealership is showcased to the active car buyer exclusively, browsing our web app with complete transparency in a non-invasive manner.Further details and a demo can be found on https://www.carzoo.caTogether we thrive! Be safe and be kind.Jeff Goodfield
Cody Montana Media Inc.
[email protected]

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