Castleform Developments

Building Luxury

Castleform Developments is recognized across the Greater Toronto Area as a premium developer of luxurious custom homes. They have recently rebranded the company as a “Green” builder, focusing on sustainable, energy efficient homes.

Peter Voong, President of Castleform Developments, spoke with The Canadian Business Journal this month about the development of his organization, its core philosophy, and its objectives for the future.

“We have rebranded ourselves as a green builder,” explained Voong, who has nearly a decade of experience in the home building business. “We understand that the utility costs are increasing every year … which is why we design and build our homes that will ultimately save you money on heating, cooling, lighting, etc. The indoor air quality is much cleaner, thereby giving you a more comfortable and healthier home altogether,” he adds.

As a category leader in building sustainable and energy efficient homes, Castleform Developments’ core philosophy is that every home it builds is treated as if it were their own. Where each of its developments are built with an emphasis on preserving the environment and natural resources. From energy conservation measures to the careful selection of sustainable building materials, each home is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while incorporating luxury finishes.

Green Builder

In the GTA, Castleform Developments recognized a need and demand for energy efficient, sustainable homes. “We understand the needs and wants of what the market is looking for. They appreciate the value of lower utility bills. That’s why energy efficiency is important in the overall design of our homes. We strongly believe that sustainability is where the building industry is heading towards,” Voong said. “We are not a builder that tries to squeeze as much money as possible from a project. We want to give a quality product to the home owner, even if it costs us more to build.” The company’s focus on green building has given Castleform Developments a significant competitive edge in the marketplace, and as a result, it has experienced rapid growth in its recent history.

Castleform Developments website reads, “Participation in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) process demonstrates leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. LEED certified buildings are designed to lower operating costs, increase asset value, reduce waste sent to landfills, conserve energy and water, and create a healthier and safer environment for its occupants while reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are building homes that we would want to put our own families and children in. We enjoy challenging ourselves by continually improving our products by expanding our skills as more energy efficient technologies become available. We do not believe in cutting corners, and we deal with things on the level.” Currently, Castleform Developments is building two Energy Star homes and is targeting LEED Gold certification with their next project.

Community Builder

Committed to its surrounding environment and local communities, Castleform Developments donates a portion of the proceeds from each home they sell to local charities, demonstrating its belief in giving back to the community they build in. They are also proud supporters of Habitat for Humanity, donating whatever they can. The company’s philanthropic practices extends to its homeowners as well. As the company website reads, “Our company goes above and beyond the industry standards in regards to customer service and satisfaction. After all, your home is your castle.”

Further to this, Castleform Developments has brought a new twist to the home building industry, where homeowners are able to contact the company’s President directly to address any issues. Such open lines of communication had created an exceptional peace of mind with its homeowners. It is this commitment to customer satisfaction and in offering a quality made product that continues to distinguish Castleform Developments amongst its marketplace competitors.

Market interest in sustainable, energy efficient homes continues to grow as more consumers develop a greater understanding, and demand for, a greener living environment. Not only are home buyers living more environmentally friendly, they are also recognizing the cost savings when it comes to reduced energy usage within their homes.

As a new father, Voong points out that his family is his inspiration to becoming a leading green builder and to minimize the impact that home building has on its surrounding environment. “I do not want to hand this world in shambles to my children,” adds Voong. Moving forward, Castleform Developments continues to expand, while maintaining its building philosophy of quality, luxury homes that are developed with a key focus on environmental responsibility.

What is next for Castleform Developments? As Voong summarized, “We are focusing on green residential developments for now, with townhomes and low-rises on the horizon. We want to be known as an eco-conscious builder.”